Bottle, Jar, Tube & Sachet Filling

Bottle, Jar, Tube & Sachet Filling

At Naturis Cosmetics we provide an extensive range of bottle and tubing & sachet solutions to ensure that your products are presented in the most functional and effective way. Some of the main benefits of using bottles and tubes to present your health and beauty products are that they are convenient, recyclable and flexible for purpose, and from a customer’s perspective, it offers multiple use per product. Sachets are a convenient form of packaging and offer a number of different benefits which is why our customers often prefer this option.

Why Choose Bottles, Jars & Tubes?

Bottles and tubes are a convenient format to display your health or beauty product, which offers flexibility and allows for different sizes and quantities. Naturis Cosmetics can source bottles and tubes in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes, from our trusted network of industry suppliers. Naturis Cosmetics can fill tubes, bottles and jars from 10 ml up to 500 ml, to suit your project brief. In addition, your account manager can advise you best on either printed or labelled bottles and tubes, which again is tailored to your brands specific requirements.

Why Choose Sachets ?

Sachets are resistant to water, light and contamination. Naturis Cosmetics can fill liquids in to sachets so we can suit your requirements. They’re cost effective. They’re fast to produce and easy to distribute. Sachets are the perfect size for product sampling or to trial a product.

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